BIO Bogdănița

BIO Bogdănița
Contact person: 
Ursu Anca-Elena
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian and English
Description of the area: 
The farm is situated at 30 km from Bârlad city, in Moldova highlands. It is hilly area surrounded by forrests.
What do you grow on the farm: 
The farm produces vegetables in protected systems (polytunnels) and on field. Also we are producing medicinal and aromatic plants in flower pots.
Farm size: 
The farm has 2,3 ecological certificate from which 1 ha with polytunnels and another 10 ha in conversion period.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
The volunteers are accepted in April - September period.
Volunteer activities: 
The volunteers must participate in maintenance work, harvesting and packing.
Camper van with a bathroom , refrigerator, gas cooker, a two person bed.
We do not have a special diet, the menu is established by volunteers.
A few words about the family: 
A familly formed of 7 members. Grandma who takes care of the garden and loves to play chess, my mother who is a librarian and has a passion for vegetables cultures, my father works as a secretary and his passion is fruit-tree culture, my two brothers are occupied with growing bees, my boyfriend is an agronomist engineer in horticulture, and his passion is vine and producing wine and I am also an agronomist engineer I like to travel, to discover new places an people.
We have a cat named Tony and an Akita dog named Laika.
Other comments: 

We are young people and we want to share our passion for ecological agriculture.