Salas Raw Life

Salas Raw Life
Contact person: 
Nataša Dekanová
Languages spoken on the farm: 
English, Czech, Slovak, little German, Italian, Romanian.
Description of the area: 
Our farm is located in hilly region of Banat, in an original old czech village. It was established by czech settlers in forests on the top of the hills only 18km from river Donau 200 years ago. People in the village, as they have lived here isolated, have kept the original old-czech habits, appearance and the way of life til nowdays. The village is dying very quickly, because all young have returned to Czech Republic looking for "easier life", mostly in factories in city-suburbs. Now there lives only 75 mostly very old but amazing and charming people in the village. The village has unique atmosphere and stunning views. Great place for hiking down to Danube valley or to other 4 czech villlages in 100 km wide territory.
What do you grow on the farm: 
We are building a self-sustainable small farm using alternative energy sources (wind turbine and pump, steam engine etc.) and permaculture princples in growing future food forest. We are building water retention system and underground greenhouse. We grow 300 species of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, tobacco or anything, what is willing to grow with us.
Farm size: 
5 ha.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
Whole year.
Volunteer activities: 
Any kind of help is needed by: building, excavation, woodwork, bulding high flower beds, building and maintanance of water system, work in garden, harvesting, processing and preserveting plants (grown or wild). And hand in hand with all that work mainly sharing the magical genius loci of this place and joy of creating.
According to availability: room with 4 beds and bathroom, camping tends, own tends, the hay in the barn...
Delicious raw vegan, vegetarian or, for meat eaters, kitchen of local grandmothers.
A few words about the family: 
We are young openminded couple, and friends coming to see us and help whole year round. Robin is funny guy with passion to any sustainable smart equipmet, device or system, which make work and life easier. Nataša specializes in body and mind detoxification, nutrition of the body and spirit and healing.
7 cats, various friendly dogs, no other at the moment.
Other comments: 

Work is determined by everyones capabilities, skills and interests. We welcome and appreciate with open heart every help. You can come by bus from Prague or Brno (regular line every week from Czech Republic to Svata Helena, one of czech villages in Banat), or by plain or train to Timisoara, from where goes everyday bus to Bozovici or Dalboset, 30km far romanian villages, where we will pick you up by car. Or, if there is a car and driver available, we could pick you up in Timisoara.